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Location of modules on a 4514. Only early serial number tractors 1000001 - 1006846 had fuel control.
Later models begining with 1006847 did not have fuel control.


Dash removal to access combination relay. Use care with throttle knob as you lift it off the lever so you don't drop the not quite captive nut, it can fall out and get lost. Lower dash does not need to be removed.

If your 4514 has no spark, diagnosis is very simple. Unplug the black wire with red trace and retest. If still no spark the ign coil has failed. Note: both spark plugs must be hooked up to have spark and prevent damage to coil.

Closer view of the black wire with red trace. It is right between the plug wires.

New combination relay for serial numbers up to 1006846
These Tractors have 4 fuses


New combination relay for serial numbers after 1006847
These tractors have 3 fuses


Now available Fuel control for early 4514 - $65


New fuel pump for 4514 - $76


Checkout will add $16 UPS shipping to each item
$18 shipping for fuel pump

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